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Published On: Fri, Mar 27th, 2020

Typical MDC Philosophy | ZimEye

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The MDC Party is unique and distinct. It is the Party of excellency and the best and only choice. Its Character and Culture is as follows:

1) We are a pro-poor, people-centred social democratic party. We stands for workers, students, vendors, gold punners, and peasants and thrives to empower them to realise their full potential. We recognise the roots and struggle of the poor and working class.

2) We are founded on tolerance and inclusiveness and we stand against all forms of discrimination. We believe in peaceful resolution of disputes including political differences.

3) We are a non-violent political party and do not believe in violence as a way or means of attaining any political, social, economic or religious objectives.

4) We Support the emancipation of women and ensure that the voices of women and the girl-child are fully heard. We strive to have 50-50 gender representation principle.

5) We consider democracy as a core value and freedoms and sharing of ideas as important for the growth and development of the nation.

6) We recognise and respects the diverse cultural, religious, racial and linguistic diversity and calls for tolerance and harmony.

7) We value the contribution of the business community in the development of our society. We protect business and investment from compulsory aquisition and expropriation and believe in compensation for all aquisitions.

8) We believe in equal sharing of national resources including land and minerals. We believe in one man one farm and equitable distribution of land in a non-political and non-racial manner.

9) The MDC values the liberation struggle as the foundation of this nation. We further regard democratisation and transformation of Zimbabwe as also very important in nation building and growth.

10) We believe in value of good and hard work and professionalism in both private and public sector. We believes in transperancy and honesty and accountable attainment of wealth.

We believe in a People’s Government, Better Livelihoods for All, Respect, protection and promotion of human rights and freedoms for all, eradication of all forms of Corruption and illicit exploitation of national resources, and respect and protection of the Constitution and constitutionalism.

MDC is the Change that Delivers, and the change that you can Trust.-MDC Communications

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Typical MDC Philosophy | ZimEye