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Published On: Wed, Oct 9th, 2019

Shock As Man Murders Neighbour And Removes Victim’s Eyes With A Knife

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A 40-YEAR-OLD Shurugwi man was allegedly beaten and stabbed to death by a fellow reveller following a dispute over a snooker game recently.

Hardlife Chikuni was allegedly killed by Tafadzwa Muvambwi Moyo in a bar brawl in cold blood.

In an interview with one of his relatives only identified as Ramson, he said he got the full information from an eye witness.

“According to an eyewitness Tonderai Sirinda a resident in Shurugwi, Tafadzwa Muvambwi was once involved in a fight with a man called Tafadzwa Nhoro and was beaten up whilst Hardlife was there but failed to stop the fight.

“Muvambwi got angry at Hardlife since he could not help him.

“So I think from this day he then developed a grudge with Hardlife.

“Friday last week in a bottle stole Muvambwi then sent his nephew to slap Hardlife twice during a snooker game at a bottle store.

“Hardlife then left the bottle store but was unlucky as there was a trailer carrying chrome which had arrived making it difficult for people to see what was happening behind,” said Ramson.

He continued:

“Muvambwi accompanied with his nephew is said to have then followed Hardlife from behind.

“Muvambwi first stabbed him with a knife on his neck whilst his nephew helped him by holding Hardlife’s hands making it difficult to defend himself.

“Tafadzwa went on to stab him on the head countless times and he was using a sharp knife.

“He went on to stab him countless times on his back and his head as well. So, as Hardlife was struggling to scream he put the knife in his mouth so that he stops screaming.

“He went on to stab his mouth such that the jaws were exposed anga akatorembera majaws ake.

“They went on to stab his stomach, kuita kurivhura dumbu kusvika hura wabuda panze and then they returned to the hall.

“He also removed his eye. We had to bury him without his eye.

“Shurugwi Hospital authorities can confirm this and the police station too.

“After the incident Dombwe Primary School authorities were called and they came to help take him to hospital”.

Police sources in Midlands said they were yet to get finer details of the murder.

However, multiple sources said Tafadzwa was stabbed to death and had to be buried with a mutilated body.

— HMetro

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Shock As Man Murders Neighbour And Removes Victim’s Eyes With A Knife