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Published On: Sat, Feb 15th, 2020

Mnangagwa Wanted To Kill Me – Sikhala

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Farai Dziva|Acquitted MDC vice chairperson Job Sikhala has related his ordeal at the hands of state security agents.

See part of Sikhala’s speech at the Morgan Tsvangirai Anniversary in Masvingo.

Excuse me president and all the leadership 1st of all president please allow me to thank the people of Zimbabwe for standing with me from the days this story started Emmerson Mnangagwa wanted to put me into a sack.

I am not even celebrating with all the people who are celebrating my acquittal… I lost my freedom for over a year and I could not travel around the world to represent my clients; they took my passport they charged me over $5000 today when I go to collect it, all that money is now a piece of paper now; once collect that money I am going to distribute it to provinces here, Nikita, Masvingo, and so forth This is money that president Emmerson Mnangagwa withheld so I am going to distribute it to the people; because the people freedom can not be Criminalised.

Some people have said that I was reckless by making these statements but it is Mnangagwa who is reckless who is reckless.

He has robbed the people of this country I knew myself as a lawyer that there is nothing wrong in what I have said.

The problem we have in Africa is that we think that a president is untouchable; for a long time in Africa Mobutu Seseko. He was equated to Zaire…

ED is not equal to the government of Zimbabwe or equal to the people of Zimbabwe.

President, when you come to see all these people assembled here, this is a sign of the hope that we must take the bull by its horns.

The time of compromising with dictatorship is over … we all know the day when he conducted the coup on the 15th of November 2017 we know it was illegal; when Robert Mugabe wrote the letter of resignation he was under threat to be killed.

When I was arrested and I was put in Harare Central, I was put in police cells for 3 days. As I was being taken around, there was a team of 7 lawyers assembled.

Someone said there is a spirit of death here, they want to kill this man that is, myself.

Biti and Gonese, these men were told that if they continue following me they will be killed…

I was taken by one person called Daniel Joseph and then I was taken into another car and then blindfolded.

So I said these people are now going to kill me…

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Mnangagwa Wanted To Kill Me – Sikhala